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Data-driven marketing that gets serious results

Wouldn’t it be amazing to switch Facebook ads on, see consistent leads roll in, and know that your business was on its way to making more sales…from the right people, at the right cost to you?

Hello, I’m Emily.

I’m a Facebook & Instagram ad strategist for service-based business owners.

I help you to get high-quality, consistent leads so you can fill your course, programme and 1:1 spots and earn the income you deserve, doing what you love even if ads haven’t worked for you in the past.

I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs grow their businesses using Facebook & Instagram ads: supercharged my clients’ email lists to increase eyes on their offers, and sold out webinar slots, masterclasses and open days.

I get to know you and your whole business, not just your ads

“Emily gets outstanding results. She’s an absolute joy to work with. She is very trustworthy, very strategic, and a huge asset to any business. She’s got a really strategic brain. Not only does she know about Facebook ads, but she marries that knowledge with her ability to look into your business, hear about your strategy and go, ‘in order to get those results, we need this’.”

Amanda Heath

Get high-quality, consistent leads flowing into your business from Facebook & INSTAGRAM ads

I’m a Facebook & INSTAGRAM ad strategist for service-based business owners

As well as being a whiz at working Facebook & Instagram Ads, ad strategy is my superpower.

I LOVE looking at a whole business, building a bespoke strategy that’s right for you and for how you love to work. And as for interpreting the data – it’s like one big jigsaw puzzle that just needs manoeuvring to create the perfect picture.

And when it’s just right?

The whole thing clicks and you get high-quality leads rolling in, at a cost which works.

Helping people and doing good makes me feel truly good. The ripple effect is important to me: start with doing good yourself, do the inner work and it radiates out to touch so many more people so they can do more good too.

I work with clients who make the world a better place. As my 10-year-old daughter describes it, I help people who help people.

So if you’re ready to have a chat about how I could help you decode what’s going on with your Facebook & Instagram ads so you can start bringing high quality, cost-effective leads into your business, pop a bit of time in with me.

Let’s get it in the diary. I can’t wait.

Ad strategy is my superpower

I have had the pleasure of working with Emily on Facebook Ads projects for lead generation. Emily’s strategic knowledge and ads expertise are amazing. Emily is data driven and considers how ads fit into the whole marketing strategy and funnel. She really goes into detail to understand the customer and their whole sales journey, so all of the parts fit together. Emily is a joy to be around, and has a tremendous positive attitude. I highly recommend working with her if you get the opportunity.

Claire Antill

More than just a Facebook & INSTAGRam ads strategist

I left my career as a commercial analyst of 15 years to help ambitious businesses do more, be more and feel seen with one very much-needed ingredient:

Data-driven marketing that gets serious results.


Full Facebook Ads Management

Already have enough on your to-do list without managing and monitoring your Facebook ad campaigns?

Custom, full management of your Facebook ads to help you generate high quality leads which convert into sales.


Facebook Ads Audit

Tired of your ads not bringing in the right leads at the right cost?

A deep dive audit of your ads to find out what’s working well, what isn’t and how to improve your ads’ performance to bring you high quality leads.

Nurture Package

Keen to run your ads yourself, but not sure how to get started?

Spend four hours of bespoke training time with me, split across a period of your choosing of up to one months.


Tech Set Up

Not sure how to get started with running Facebook ads?

Let me help by setting up your Business Suite, ad account and pixel so that you’re ready to hit the ground running with your ads.


Thank goodness I found Emily! She is amazing. Her knowledge of FB ads and how to navigate the rapids of the elusive algorithm is incredible. She is hands on and gets to know your business inside out. Her attention to detail I’d second to none. Emily makes me finally feel relaxed…as I let her take care of everything… all I have to do is sit back and listen to the ‘ka-ching!’ notifications as the sales flood in!!

Ciara Gilmore

Working with Emily was fantastic. She made it really good fun and took away all the fears that I had. I would definitely recommend working with Emily for your Facebook ads. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her!

Zoe Carroll

“I  loved every minute of working with Emily and will definitely be using her services again for my next campaign. If you are thinking about working with Emily I would highly recommend it, she gets to know your business, makes good decisions, and never pushes ads when she thinks they are not right. So much integrity which is a huge plus for me.

Jacky Clarke

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